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Volume 4, Issue 1: March 2015  

Table of Contents
Sl. No. Title Author (s) Page (s)
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Green Houses in Guilan Province Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
Rouzbeh Rahmanian* 1-6
Heterosis and Inter-Relationship of Major Physiomorphic Fruit Yield Traits in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)
Kashiram Patel, Dilip Birla*, S.R. Ramgiry and S.A. Ali 7-16
Effect of Post Harvest Treatments on Quality and Shelf life of Aonla Cultivars
H. Tarula, J.M.S. Rawat, Krishan Kumar Singh*, Vidyawati Rawat and Bhupendra Singh 17-21
Effect of N, P and K on Growth, Bulb Yield and Nutrient Content in Ratoon Spider Lily (Hymenocallis littoralis L.) cv. Local
P. K. Kejkar and N. D. Polara* 22-27
Exploration of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) Cultivation :A Review
Ravi Pujari*, A. A. Arif and Shivanand Rayar 28-33
Studies on Genetic Variability and Trait Inter-Relationship in Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Standl)
Joydip Mandal*, Mangala Tirumalesh and Vinod Kumar Dhangrah 34-38
Effect of Planting Time and Indole Butyric Acid Levels on Rooting of Woody Cuttings of Phalsa (Grewia asiatica L.)
K. K. Singh* and Y. K. Tomar 39-43
Standardization of Low Temperature Storage Technology with Novel Packaging Techniques in Rose Cut Flower cv. Passion
R. J. Makhwana, Alka Singh* , T. R. Ahlawat and P. Neelima 44-47
Residual Effect of Pre-Harvest Spray of MH and Storage Conditions of Bulbs for Succeeding Crop of Spider Lily (Hymenocallis littoralis L.) cv. Local
Nilima Bhosale and A.V. Barad* 48-51
Analysis of Fruit Quality of Kinnow Mandarin Hybrid in Arid Irrigated Areas of Rajasthan
Prerak Bhatnagar*, M .K Sharma and J. Singh 52-55
Flower and Bulb Production of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) as Influenced by Different Sources of Nutrients
Mukesh Kumar* 56-59
Performance of Poplar Cuttings with Different Growth Regulators and Potting Media
Ahmadullah Haider*, Neelam Khare and Ateeq Khan 60-63
Post harvest Flowering Behaviour of Some Gladiolus Varieties Grown under Faizabad Climatic Condition
Pragnyashree Mishra* 64-66
Effect of Sowing Time and Spacing on the Performance of Cape Goose berry (Physalis peruviana L.) in Central Uttar Pradesh
Deepa H. Dwivedi, Sanjeev Rao, Shreesh Kumar Gautam* and Pawan Kumar 67-69
Influence of Spacing and Nitrogen on Flower Quality and Vase Life of Asiatic Lily cv. Gironde
R.S. Vedavathi*, B. Manjunatha, N.P. Mamatha, B. Hemla Naik and H.L. Priyanka 70-72
Effect of Chemical Floral Preservatives on Vase Life of Cut Flowers of Gerbera cv. President
R. Amith, Ravishankar M. Patil* , T. Chetan, Abhishek Katagi and V. Chikkasubbanna 73-75
Effect of Intercropping in Gladiolus, Coriander, Fenugreek and Soya
Kunvar Manvendra Pratap Singh* and Devi Singh 76-78
Effect of Chemical Floral Preservatives on Vase Life of Cut Flowers of Gerbera cv. Suncity
R. Amith, Ravishankar M. Patil* and V. Chikkasubbanna 79-81
Mulberry: The Fruit of Heaven’s Choice
V. Asha Krishna*, P. Sujathamma, G. Savithri and T. Vijaya 82-85
Development and Nutritional Analysis of Products Fortified with Moringa (Moringa oleifera)
Seema Sonkar*, Preeti Tiwari and Nand Kumar 86-88
Confirmation of Flavones and Rhamnopyranoside in Strychnos potatorum L. Flowers
Manika Barar*, Shilpi Saxena and Arpita Kulshreshtha 89-91