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Journal : HortFlora Research Spectrum
Volume : Volume 4, Issue 1: March 2015
Page (s) : 60-63
Date of Publication
Print :
Article Type : Full Length Original Article
Online : 30-Mar-2015
Performance of Poplar Cuttings with Different Growth Regulators and Potting Media
Ahmadullah Haider*, Neelam Khare and Ateeq Khan
*Corresponding Author's E-mail :


The study was conducted on performance of poplar cuttings with different growth regulators and potting media in the Forest Nursery and Research Centre of SHIATS, Allahabad. The experiment was laid out in RBD with four replications. There were six treatments of growth regulators, viz. T1-Control (distilled water), T2 - IBA(100 ppm), T3- IAA (100 ppm), T4- NAA (100 ppm), T5 -GA3 (100 ppm), T6-2,4-D (100 ppm), and seven treatments of potting media, viz. M1-Soil only, M2-Soil + Sand + FYM (1:1:1), M3- Soil + FYM + Neem cake (1:1:1), M4 - Soil + FYM + VC (1:1:1), M5- Neem cake + sand + VC (1:1:1), M6- Neem Cake + Soil + VC (1:1:1) and M7- Neem cake + FYM + VC (1:1:1).Ten cuttings per replication were used for each treatment. Among different growth regulators used, IAA @100 ppm showed maximum survival percentage (80.00%), shoot and root length ((35.30cm and 32.55cm, respectively), fresh shoot weight (20.00g), and fresh and dry weight of roots (13.00g and 6.47g, respectively), as well as total biomass (12.82g) compared to control and other treatments. Number of sprouts and no. of roots/cutting (2.25 and 27.00, respectively) and dry weight of shoot (6.70g) were found maximum with 100ppm IBA, while maximum root: shoot ratio of 1.15 was produced by 100 GA3 . Among potting media combinations, most effective treatment was M2 (Soil + Sand+ FYM, 1:1:1) which resulted in maximum number of sprouts/cutting (2.55), survival percentage (63.33%), shoot length (24.45 cm), dry weight of shoot (5.17g) and fresh weight of root (10.17g ) over other treatments. Length of root (22.0cm), dry weight of roots (6.22g), root: shoot ratio (1.71) and total biomass (11.02g) were maximum in M7 (Neem cake + FYM + VC, 1:1:1).
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Haider A., Khare N. and Khan A. (2015). Performance of poplar cuttings with different growth regulators and potting media. HortFlora Res. Spectrum, 4(1) : 60-63
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