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Volume 3, Issue 4: December 2014  

Table of Contents
Sl. No. Title Author (s) Page (s)
An Overview on Exploitation of Male Sterility for Development of Hybrids and Seed Production in Hot Pepper
P. R. Kumar*, S. K. Lal, Shiv K. Yadav, P. L. Saran and I. S. Solanki 301-309
Intercropping for Efficient Resource Utilization in Indian Agriculture: A Review
P. S. Kashyap*, Alka Verma and Stefan Siebert 310-314
Development of Ready-to-Fry Frozen Potato Snack and Its Quality Evaluation During Storage
Sukhpreet Kaur* and Poonam Aggarwal 315-322
Effect of Planting Distance on Growth and Frond Production in Boston Fern [Nephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott]
Parminder Singh* and R.K. Dubey 323-328
Impact of Seasonal Variation Flux on Growth, Leaf Phenology and Fruit Development in Nagpur Mandarin of Jhalawar District
Prerak Bhatnagar*, Jitendra Singh and C.B.Meena 329-333
Growth and Yield of Kharif Onion (Allium cepa L.) as Influenced by Dates of Planting and Cultivars in Red and Laterite Zone of West Bengal
Smaranika Mohanta* and Joydip Mandal 334-338
Effect of Plant Spacing and Nitrogen Levels on Quantity and Quality Characteristics of Asiatic Lily (Lilium spp.)
R. S. Vedavathi, B. Manjunatha, M.G. Basavanagowda, K.S. Thippanna and Ravishankar M. Patil* 339-343
Optimization of Fertigation Schedule for Cut Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev)
S. Ganesh*, M. Kannan and M. Jawaharlal 344-348
Effect of Post-Harvest Application of Diphenylamine on Storage Life and Quality of Punjab Beauty Pear
Sumanjit Kaur * and W. S. Dhillon 349-352
Effect of Pre-Harvest spray of MH and Storage Conditions on Quality of Bulbs of Spider Lily (Hymenocallis littoralis L.) cv. Local
Nilima Bhosale and A.V. Barad 353-356
Irrigation and Mulching Effects on Lemon Peel Properties
Savreet Khehra* 357-360
Integrated Disease Management for Late Blight and Bacterial Wilt in Potato at Different Locations of Arunachal Pradesh
K. M. Singh, R. C. Shakywar* and M. M. Kumawat 361-364
Effect of Nitrogen Sources and Phosphorus on Bulbs and Bulblets Production of Tuberose cv. Double
A.P.S. Gangwar*, J.P. Singh and I.P. Yadav 365-368
Effect of Modified Atmosphere on Bio-chemical Parameters and Shelf Life of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. Hisar Safeda and L-49
Chetak Bishnoi* , R.K. Sharma and S. Siddiqui 369-372
Effect of Micro Nutrients Spray on Growth, Yield and Flower Quality of Gladiolus cv. White Prosperity
Chandra Mohan Singh* and V. M. Prasad 373-376
Effect of Spacing and Nitrogen on Bulb Formation and Growth of Asiatic Lily under Hill Zone
R. S. Vedavathi, M. G. Basavanagowda, Ravishankar M. Patil* and K. S. Thipanna 377-379
Eco-friendly Management of Rhizome Rot (Soft Rot) Disease of Ginger under Pasighat Condition of Arunachal Pradesh
R. C. Chaturvedi* 380-382
Effect of NPK and Potting Media on Plant Growth and Spike Yield of Dendrobium Orchid cv. Sonia Hiskula
Gufran Ahmad* and S. Saravanan 383-385
Role of Proline as Coadjutant on Direct Regeneration of Citrus Rootstock Rough Lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush.)
G. S. Sidhu and H.S. Rattanpal* 386-387
Evaluation of Chrysanthemum Genotypes for Flowering Traits under Open Grown Condition
Rajiv Kumar* 388-389
First Evaluation of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Genotypes Against Leaf Blight (Phytophthora colocasiae in Ghana
F. K. Ackah, G.C. van der Puije and E. Moses 390-391
Reviewers List for HRS Vol. 3 (1-4), 2014
Chief Editor 392