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Volume 2, Issue 4: October-December 2013  

Table of Contents
Sl. No. Title Author (s) Page (s)
Boswellia papyrifera Pre-dominated Woodlands of Ethiopia: Present Roles and Threats
Tatek Dejene*, Omarsherif Mohamed and Haile Adamu 277-285
Precision Farming : Components and Applications–A Review
M. S. Kanwar*, M. S. Mir and P. Ishfaq Akbar 286-293
Effect of Auto Exhaust Emission on the Growth, Morphology and Biochemical Characteristics of Marigold Grown in Different Sites of Lucknow
Nidhi Prakash* and Mohammad Yunus 294-303
National Agriculture Insurance Scheme Adoption Among Farmers: A Factorial Analysis in J&K State
Kiyanoush Ghalavand* 304-310
Irrigation Management of Potato Based on Soil Profile Water Extraction
P.S. Kashyap* 311-318
Effective Inoculation Method and Optimum Concentration of Oryctes Virus for Biological Control of Coconut Beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros) Adults
S. P. Jayawardena* 319-323
Evaluation of Coloured Seedless Table Grape Varieties for Increase in Shelf Life
A. K. Goswami, R. G. Somkuwar*, R. Samarth, A. K. Sharma, S. Nawale and P. Itroutwar 324-328
Effect of Bio-Inoculants on Leaf Nutrient Status of Apple cv. Red Delicious
S. R. Singh*, A. H. Dar, M. K. Sharma and A. S. Sundouri 329-334
Effect of Pre-Harvest Application of GA3, Triacontanol and Calcium Salts on Yield and Physical Characters of Kinnow Fruits Harvested on Different Dates
Tanjeet Singh Chahal and J. S. Bal 335-340
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Growth and Spike Yield of Gladiolus Cultivars
Ateeq Khan* and Vijay Bahadur 341-345
Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis in Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)
Pallavi Chaudhary*, Sanjay Kumar and Prawal Pratap Singh Verma 346-351
Evaluation of Vegetable Amaranth under Hot Summer Growing Condition
Joydip Mandal, V.K. Dhangrah* and S. Chakravorty 352-355
Response of Different Post Harvest Treatments on Physiological Loss in Weight and Changes in Colour of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo*, Bhaskar Chandra Das, Purandar Mandal and Dheerendra Katiyar 356-359
14 Effect of Storage Environment on Shelf Life of Aonla cv. NA-7 Manpreet Singh, P. N. Katiyar, R. K. Sachan, Shashank Verma and D. Singh 360-362
Effect of Variety, Type of Cutting and IBA Concentration on Rooting of Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) Cuttings
Hemlata Bharti*, B.P. Singh and K.P. Singh 363-365
Response of China Aster Varieties to Pinching for Growth, Yield and Quality
S. M. Sailaja*, D. M. Panchbhai and K. Suneetha 366-368
Studies on Processing and Storage Stability of Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn) RTS
Purandar Mandal, Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo*, Bhaskar Chandra Das and Dheerendra Katiyar 369-371
Chenopodium Craft : Creativity to Handle the Problem of Plenty
Shri Niwas Singh* and Shyam Narayan 372-373
An Unusual Occurrence of Vivipary in Papaya (Carica papaya L.)
Jitendra Singh* 374-375
20 List of Reviewers for Vol. 2 (No. 1 to 4); 2013 Chief Editor 376