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Journal : HortFlora Research Spectrum
Volume : Volume 7, Issue 2: June 2018
Page (s) : 162-164
Date of Publication
Print :
Article Type : Full Length Original Article
Online : 09-Jul-2018
Effect of Organic Manures on Growth Parameters and Chlorophyll Content in Jalneem (Bacopa monnieri L.) grown under Mid hill Conditions of Himachal Pradesh
Pushpa Devi, Anita Singh* and R.G. Upadhyay
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An experiment was conducted in Complete Randomized Block Design with three replications along with nine treatments i.e. T1 - Absolute control (Soil: Sand::1:1), T2: T1 + (N 100 kg/ha + P2O5 60 kg/ha + K2O60 kg/ha), T3: T1 + FYM (2.0 : 1), T4: T1+ VC (2.0:1), T5: T1 + BG (2.9 :0.1) , T6: T1+FYM+VC (2.0 :0.5 :0.5), T7: T1 + FYM + BG (2.0 :0.9 :0.1), T8: T1 + VC + BG (2.0 :0.9 :0.1), T9: T1 + FYM + VC + BG (2.0 :0.45 :0.45:0.1). The pots were prepared by filling the mixture of soil and sand in equal proportion while Vermicompost, FYM and biozyme granules were added depending upon proportion in various treatment. All growth parameters i.e., plant height, number of branches, number of nodes, number of leaves and leaf area as well as biochemical constituent (Chlorophyll content) were recorded at various growth stages of Bacopa. The significant variations were recorded in growth parameters. Leaf area increased in all the treatments with time till flowering stage and declined further at the time of harvest. Chlorophyll contents also increased up to flowering stage and after that showed a decrease at harvest stage.

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Devi P., Singh A. and Upadhyay R.G. (2018). Effect of organic manures on growth parameters and chlorophyll content in Jalneem (Bacopa monnieri L.) grown under mid hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh. HortFlora Res. Spectrum, 7(2) : 162-164
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