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Journal : HortFlora Research Spectrum
Volume : Volume 1, Issue 1: January-March 2012
Page (s) : 24-28
Date of Publication
Print :
Article Type : Full Length Original Article
Online : 20-Feb-2012
Evaluation of Orchid Species under Sub-Tropical Mid-Hills of Meghalaya
Rajiv Kumar*, Bidyut C. Deka and A. R. Roy
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Orchids are internationally acclaimed for their exquisite flower forms and attractive colours. Forty orchid species were evaluated for vegetative and flowering characters at ICAR Research complex for NEH region, Umiam, Meghalaya during 2009-10. The findings revealed that plant height ranged from 5.06 cm (Pleione maculata) to 140.00 cm (Thunia marshalliana). Significantly maximum number of stems/plant was recorded in Arundina bambusifolia (15.83). Epidendrum sp. recorded maximum stem length (130.50 cm) and internodal length (9.68 cm). However, maximum number of leaves/plant (99.76) and spikes/plant (17.80) was recorded in Coelogyne nitida. Earliest flowering was recorded in Dendrobium aphyllum (136 days) while it was delayed in Cymbidium giganteum (829 days). Number of flowers/spike varied from 1.00 (Paphiopedilum spicearianum) to 140.02 (Aerides multiflorum). Significantly maximum spike length (90.00 cm) and spike durability (58.90 days) was recorded in Calanthe masuca and Cymbidium hybrid, respectively. Flower size varied from 0.83 cm (Pholidota sp.) to 13.63 cm (Paphiopedilum villosum), while Phaius tankervilliae (7.86 cm) recorded the longest pedicel. Species Calanthe masuca, Cymbidium giganteum, Dendrobium nobile, Phaius tankervilliae, Renanthera imschootiana, Thunia marshalliana, Vanda coerulea were found promising as cut flower.

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Kumar R., Deka B. C. and Roy A. R. (2012). Evaluation of orchid species under sub-tropical mid-hills of Meghalaya. HortFlora Res. Spectrum, 1(1): 24-28
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